Hi all 

Just an OT comment with a tangential link to LiveCode.

At the end of the community zoom session there was a comment about old 
programming languages and  I had made a comment that Canadian banks are still 
looking for FORTRAN programmers.  I was wrong it is COBOL programmers.  I found 
an article from last year around the time when I must have read about this.


That search was sparked by  an article I just saw today saying that the 
shortage of COBOL programmers it is an issue for US government agencies in the 
midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


I don’t know COBOL but it was interesting as to the reason many programmers did 
not like it.

From the Star article "Detractors say Cobol isn’t versatile and results in 
reams of code, because it is partly written in actual English words.”

And it is not just in North America that having a lot of legacy code in COBOL 
is an issue.  I found this article on the website.

The article quotes a retired COBOL programmer who takes issue with the negative 
view of COBOL above.

"People who are conversant in terse languages, like C, do not like COBOL 
because it's very wordy. You say things out in plain English sentences and 
before you even get down to doing anything you have to describe all of your 
data in a very elaborate structure," says retired COBOL programmer, Jay Moseley.
That can have its advantages.  "I like COBOL in that it's self-documenting. You 
can pick up something that somebody wrote 40 years ago and figure out pretty 
much what they were doing and why they were doing it," says Moseley.

I found interesting that some of the strengths of LiveCode, being in written 
with English words in more or less English sentences, and the ability to be 
self documenting, were something that existed in one of the first programming 

Any way sorry for the distraction,  now back to work.


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