I’m following the LC lesson 'How do I build an iOS application?’. I think I’ve 
done everything they mention, and I have my Apple developer credentials and 
three iOS devices registered. I have saved my iOS app as a standalone. But when 
I get to this instruction about getting my app on a real device:

> 1) Open Xcode
> 2) In the 'Window' menu select "Devices"
> 4) Select your connected iOS device
> 5) Drag standalone app to "Installed Apps" section of device window
> Your app should now be on your device

There is nothing in the Devices section for me to select (plenty of stuff in 
the Simulators, but so what?). Do I have to fiddle with keychain or particular 
folders or what? I have no idea what to do next (not for the first time!).


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