I realized after the discussion last week about resizing that I was missing the benefits of "resizeControl" being sent to each group, so I changed one of my resize handlers to make use of groups (adding a few groups along the way).

And it all went wrong :-(

Eventually I traced it down to the following ... and don't know if I'm missing something or if I've bumped into a bug.

The resize handler is

on resizeControl
   set the width of field "list titles" of me to the width of me - 20
   put "B" && the rect of me && the bottom of me &CR after msg
   set the left of field "list titles" of me to 10
   put "C" && the rect of me && the bottom of me &CR after msg
   local tR
   put 10, the top of me, the right of me -10, the bottom of me-10 into tR
   set the rect of fld "List" of me to tR
end resizeControl

Note the two "put ... msg" statements. - for no reason I can figure out, the "bottom of me" changes between these two statements. Here's the output from the message box:

B 5,32,331,468 468
C 6,32,325,2618 2618
B 5,32,331,471 471
C 5,32,320,2622 2622
B 5,32,331,473 473
C 5,32,320,2626 2626

If I comment out that "set the left of ..." statement, all apparently works as expected.

Why should setting the 'left' of a control change the bottom of its enclosing group ?

And why change it to an apparently silly value ?

-- Alex.

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