I’m using GPS on iPhone using the various commands and functions available in 
LC. Most of this works, but I am having difficulty with the quantity 
“horizontal accuracy”. This can be queried via an array which is returned when 
mobileCurrentLocation() is executed. 

Looking at other iOS apps that use GPS and allow one to examine their data, I 
find that in my part of the world, accuracy for them is of the order of 5 
metres: but when I query it using LC I get much higher numbers, indeed some of 
them look like nonsense, being hundreds of metres!

I am aware that it takes time for a GPS signal to settle down after 
mobileStartTrackingSensor “location” has been called, but even if I script the 
examination of accuracy to wait for it to settle down (I look for a run of 
similar or identical readings against a ‘reasonable’ criterion, such as 5 
metres), it still sometimes settles on very large numbers comparatively 
speaking, for example it might stabilise at 65 metres. With that level of 
inaccuracy any cumulative use, as in working out the number of kilometres in a 
trip, would not be reliable.

I wonder if my expectation is wrong, or if there is something different about 
LC’s encapsulation of these iOS outputs, or if there is some other explanation.

In the short term, I’m simply going to have to relax my search for a reasonable 
accuracy of the order of 5 metres, and just go for the first run of stable 
readings. But I would love to hear any further insight from anyone who’s 
already tried it.

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