Hi list

I have been researching how to integrate a desktop application created with 
LiveCode with a learning Management system (LMS) like Brightspace by D2L, 
Moodle, Canvas etc.  Last time I looked at this SCORM was the standard with 
TinCan( aka xAPI) as a potential successor.   This time around I found those 
seem to have been  superseded by LTI 1.1  going to LTI 1.3.

In the documents I have found I see that one of the advantages of LTI 1.3 is 
that it can be used with desktop and mobile apps.  LTI 1.1 only worked with web 
based applications.

" Mobile Ready—The model is independent of web browsers, a better solution for 
server-to-server, native desktop and mobile applications.”

I am looking for examples of people doing this but have not found any online.(I 
don’t want to spend time on idly ddl  I looks like it would be possible to use 
it in an LiveCode application.  It uses oAuth 2 for authentication and JSON for 
messages both of which are available on the the latest version of LiveCode.

First I just want to confirm it has been done for a desktop application in 
general so I know that is a viable approach for integrating an App into an LMS.

Second I wonder if people have done it using LiveCode.


Martin Koob

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