I would be excited to help test this! The higher ed school I work with uses 
Canvas by Instructure, a large open-source LMS. You can find documentation at 

—Andrew Bell 

> Thanks for the responses.  I am still actively working on this.  
> I have hired a summer intern. Molly,  to work on this.  She has been getting 
> up to speed on LiveCode and LTI 1.3 and now she is turning her attention to 
> working on a proof of concept stack to connect with an LMS system and send 
> commands and receive responses and process them.  
> Indeed we have found that LTI 1.3 is supported by many LMS?s to varying 
> degrees and some still just support LTI 1.1 currently. (There is a LTI 2.0 
> but that is a deprecated standard. 
> http://www.imsglobal.org/lti-security-announcement-and-deprecation-schedule)  
> The LMSs we have looked at also have their own APIs which seem to have 
> features beyond what the LTI feature set is but still looking at this. 
> I am not at the point yet where I can open source it and I am not really sure 
> how to go about that. (Don?t know how I would sell it either but probably not 
> much of a market for it.)  I have my main app on GIT using Monte?s lcVCS but 
> if I did want to go open source with this library I want to to do something 
> simpler like a script only stack library and maybe do a Demo app based on 
> Trevor?s Levure App Framework 
> https://livecode.com/products/livecode-platform/levure/ to make it easier to 
> use git.   Does this sound like a good approach?
> We are also looking for a way to access a sandbox with one of the LMS?s to 
> test the proof of concept app against.  If anyone has info on that that would 
> be appreciated.
> Martin

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