Heriberto Torrado wrote:

> I am trying to convince a customer to create their next website
> with  LiveCode Server instead PHP.  The client asks me what other
> popular sites are created with LiveCode server.

If you're dealing with the sort who goes only by popularity, nothing else matters. They live in a world where there are only two choices: C for the desktop and PHP for servers.

It may be worth noting, though, that if they'd been consistent about their fixation on popularity they'd still be using Perl, and would have ignored the advent of PHP. ;)

And they never would have enjoyed Ruby on Rails, but even at its peak it was never the most popular solution.

> Do you know modern websites created with LiveCode

What is a "modern" web site? That's not a trick question, just curious what specific types of features you're looking for.

> I have seen that the current LiveCode site runs Wordpress + PHP.
> Do you know why?

Because it gets the job done at low cost.

LC Ltd has generic needs for content management, no evident content strategy in terms of syndication, simple editorial workflow with minimal roles - for generic stuff generic tools are great.

With the question of build or buy, it's almost always cheaper to buy. And with WP the hard cost is zero, so it's just learning curve.

In general, it's only worthwhile building custom software that doesn't already exist.

LC can be a good choice when you have specialized needs not already addressed off-the-shelf.

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