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> Hi Sean,
> So, as far as I know, you use PHP as a middleware between the database and 
> the Livecode code app. Isn't it?
> I guess you do that because of security reasons to not expose the database.
No. It needs it to talk directly to the database on the same host. The security 
is served by encrypting both the request and response. JS has a hole in it 
where the message can be intercepted while talking to php that I’m avoiding 
getting exploited. 

> My main goal is to use Livecode instead of PHP to create a small website 
> (about ten forms and some logic layer to edit them).
> I think it will be fun.
Perfect. That will work nicely. You host doesn’t need to be anything special. 
As long as gzip can be enabled and is happy running JS then you just upload the 
LC emscripten js file and your standalone zip you’ll be good to go. 

> I use Livecode to create apps, and as a console scripting to substitute some 
> Bash scripts.
> So now, I'd like to explore the server options.
> It will be a a dream to use the same language for the server.
> I'm trying to convince my customer.
> Off-topic:
> Would you guys like to work in Alaska for some time? It could be a good 
> experience.
> They are looking for a LiveCode programmer.
> https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=livecode&l&vjk=571a9274563c52bc
I would love this. I’ve been having enough trouble convincing the family to 
move from the south of England up to Scotland. Alaska, I fear, would be an even 
bigger sell. 

All the best

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