I use Html==>JS==>Async xhttp request.

The xhttp request is fielded by LC Server and is cors compliant so LC Server 
doesn't even need to be on the same web server. (this allows you to test html 
pages from desktop without a web server)

LC server returns html in a json packet.

The async JS handler in the html fires up receiving the LC server json. So the 
data path continued as JS==>html to the web page. In JS I convert the json to 
an array and send the LC server generated html to various <div>s.

Works great. No php. I was able to continue coding in LC and was able to 
leverage all my existing LC libraries(20,000+ lines). I had to learn a little 
JS but all the heavy lifting is done in LC.

My little slice...

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services

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