> In my own personal and subjective experience, LiveCode shines when you are
> building desktop applications, or combining desktop applications with
> server-side solutions. 
> With LC you can ship a whole suite of desktop and mobile apps that act as
> companions to the business your client is doing while still delivering a
> webapp as the user facing part of your contract.

This is a truth bomb. 

LiveCode server solution:
At the beginning of the pandemic, I used LiveCode server to setup a beer 
delivery system for my cousin’s brewery. Users put in their address, I use a 
Google Maps API to check driving distance (to make sure they are close enough 
and charge the appropriate delivery fee), once location is verified I use an 
Untappd API to query their tap list and filter out drafts (because this for 
to-go only), then let the consumer choose the quantity and place their order. 
NO payments are going through this system, they already had a 3rd party vendor 
they used for that. 


LiveCode solution:
While it may not fully fit the spectrum of your question, I’m working on a 
website right now powered by LiveCode. I have a custom backend interface for my 
client to make changes in (PC app). They upload data to a LiveCloud account 
(not an official Mothership tool, but a great database resource built on/for 
Livecode). That database data is then used to piece together a website. I found 
an HTML5 template from Envato Marketplace and licensed it for ~$20USD, modified 
the template site Dreamweaver to match my client’s branding, then chopped it up 
into little chunks that get collated together. LiveCode server is only really 
triggered when using one of the forms; the page is .html but the form action 
POSTs to  .lc which fires off an email after checking for SPAM.

This same data, and the desktop backed that powers it, supplies all the content 
for a companion mobile app (iOS and Android) that I am also building in 
LiveCode. Some mobile specific options are taken advantage of here like 
Local/Push Notifications.

Project hasn’t officially launched yet, but you can take a sneak peek @ 
https://www.whitestownparks.org/ <https://www.whitestownparks.org/>

—Andrew Bell
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