Andre Garzia  wrote:

> In my own personal and subjective experience, LiveCode shines when you
> are building desktop applications, or combining desktop applications
> with server-side solutions. With LiveCode you can have a webapp doing
> server-side LC server and an HTML5 front-end, while still having a
> full desktop application for handling all the administration stuff.
> Instead of spending a ton of time to craft a webadmin panel, or a
> clunky CMS, you can offer your client the full power of an offline-
> first desktop application to manage the webapp you're building. That
> is a powerful proposition and one that I wish would surface more in LC
> marketing and in the stories on this list.


It's been a great model here.

One of my longest-running projects is a content-driven medical decision support system, where the authoring, review, and publishing process is done in an LC standalone, generating web-ready static HTML for lean, scalable deployment.

And now that we have some nice WebDAV libraries, I'm using that same model for my own content management, with Nextcloud as a collaborative document store managed through a dedicated desktop standalone made in LC.

Along the way I'm seeing opportunities to use APIs from Nextcloud apps and other cloud services to build out standalones providing highly-integrated workflows across disparate services, tailored for the specific needs of just about any organization with all the ease that developing GUIs in LiveCode can provide.

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