William Prothero wrote:

> It seems the effort to make this app work with learning management
> systems would be huge, something I’m definitely not up for.

It may not be. I've made standards-compliant courseware in the past (a while ago; the data format was XML <g>), and it wasn't as bad as I'd thought. With so much work on the modern standards I'd imagine they're far better documented and based on more common conventions than they were in yesteryear.

But maybe the key question is: are your customers asking for LMS interoperability specifically?

In some segments it can make the difference between being a contender and not being considered at all.

But I've seen many other segments that seem to have abandoned hope of a standards-driven world of interoperable courseware, quite happy to kludge together whatever they need to eventually arrive at a means of tracking assessment.

If no one's asking you for LMS compatibility, there would seem to need to bother.

If PDF suffices, it's certainly easy to do in LC.

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