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Thanks. I'm familiar with tindyDictionary and admire Bernd's work, but had hoped there would be documentation available on the web. I can download tinyDictionary, or just look at my Mac, so if the only documentation for the QR code reader is in the not-online-Dictionary at least I know where to go.

As for separate matter of the IDE-provided Dictionary, that it's broken in the Linux edition is the smaller problem, the bigger being that the reason there's no Dictionary is that there's no working browser widget.

I find Bernd's plugin much preferable to the browser-based dictionary. But YMMV, of course.

But eh? If I click on the Dictionary link in the IDE toolbar in the Indy version I get my local dictionary:


and from there searching for "qr" brings up the correct entries.
Are you seeing something different?

 Mark Wieder

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