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> - Where is the documentation for QR *decoding* for both iOS and Android?

Ah. The QR library is for *generating* QR codes, not for reading them.

> - The Dictionary appears in my browser, not in a LiveCode window,
>    so it appears the browser widget is still as dead as audio and
>    video playback in LiveCode's Linux edition.

FWIW I can control wither mplayer or SMPlayer from LC on linux *as long as they're in separate windows*. Or I can play videos in the entire stack frame. Just not within a player rect.

> I have no deep affection for CEF. How is this done without CEF on other platforms? Does neither Firefox nor Chrome offer an embedded option?

Can't speak for Firefox... maybe Andre will chime in on this. But CEF is spawned from the Chrome codebase, so that's the option. The "problem" as I understand it, is that you're supposed to embed your application within the framework, and we're embedding the framework inside the LC engine. Somehow it works on Windows.

> Do you know offhand what Ubuntu was using when they were using an embedded browser a couple years ago for their dockable web apps?

Hey - *you're* the ubuntu expert here. Don't know these things.
AFAIK web apps are just browser launcher shortcuts.

 Mark Wieder

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