Not that I know of. When using LC it uses the GPIO library/api from the Master Library in which it was embedded. If I recall correct that uses access to the GPIO library which is on the Raspberry.

For this i can't recall if i needed to install something via terminal, which i needed to do for use with Python.

It just uses LC script, no LCB. So therefore my unknown wissdom about multi-threading / multi-core thought simplistic that one core could do the gui (would be more GPU then) and one core the GPIO handling. But you see my knowledge about it is minor.

Of course i could also just use Python without GUI and ask for some input setting from the user, if in the end a Python GUI might also be to heavy (read interference from any mouse movements).

For the beginning i have Start and stop buttons running in SimplePyGui , it needs input for how many steps, speed and size of the steps and how much it has to be repeated.

Op 8-1-2021 om 00:07 schreef Richard Gaskin via use-livecode:
JeeJeeStudio wrote:

> So what i actually meant is multiprocessing, would that give
> advantage?


Does your Pi_gpio_output function use file I/O calls to the virtual file system in /run, or call an LCB or external using a lower-level interface for GPIO?

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