I’m considering doing some work with LiveCode server. It looks like revigniter 
would be a good startng place, but I have questions before I invest a lot of 
time in it.

Can I position and drag graphic images around. For example, I’m thinking of the 
capability to create an image with various parts that I can click to hide and 
position based on mouse drags or clicks or whatever I want.

It would help me a lot if I could see examples of great sites built with the 
livecode server. If I have to become an expert on Python or Java or javascript 
to do it, though, I’d pass. Basically, I’d like to see what can be done with 
livecode script, livecode server, and whatever html and css are required to do 
what I want. Beginner Python or Javascript might be ok, though.

So, if anyone could post a link to a site like this, I’d very much appreciate 


William A. Prothero
Santa Barbara, CA. 93105

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