Bill Prothero wrote:

> I’m considering doing some work with LiveCode server.
> Can I position and drag graphic images around. For example, I’m
> thinking of the capability to create an image with various parts
> that I can click to hide and position based on mouse drags or
> clicks or whatever I want.

LC Server runs on a server, specifically as a CGI under Apache. Its role is similar to PHP and other server-side languages in allowing a developer to add custom functionality to Apache.

It has no direct role in anything client-side, whether a browser or an LC app. Client software sends requests to the server, and the server sends them back to the client. The two are very separate, connected only through HTTP.

If you're looking for that sort of client-side interaction, and IF you ABSOLUTELY MUST confine the experience to the browser app, your only viable option is the browser-native technology stack, JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

LiveCode's HTML export aims to deliver a replacement for browser-native options, but by its nature it's well suited only fora very small number of projects.

If you're looking for the benefits of lightweight delivery over HTTP, and have no requirement that you ABSOLUTELY MUST limit what you're doing to be delivered specifically inside of a browser window, the most powerful option we have is also the simplest: just download a stack within a lean standalone.

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