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> On Jan 19, 2021, at 7:58 AM, Mark Smith wrote:
>> Hi Andre, how are “apps to bundled content” different from “apps that
>> are portals to web content" (Jacque’s description)? Or put another
>> way, if someone wanted to design a tourist app that highlighted
>> interesting local tourist destinations near them with a link you can
>> click on to purchase tickets or book reservations etc, would that
>> violate Apple’s guidelines? Asking for a friend :)
> Pick me! I know this one!
> An app to bundled content means that they can review everything that
> is going to get displayed to a user and approve or deny based upon the
> content they review.
> An app to web content is a mystery app. Your restaurant review app
> that pulls from the web could easily be transformed into a pedophile
> shopping app by entering a secret pass phrase and then changing the
> data on the web site. (as an extreme example)

Any data can be replaced with porn or other contraband.

Any app can transform itself at a later date into something other than what was reviewed.

Neither can be prevented.

Both are remedied with banning.

This is not unique to LiveCode; it applies to all apps.

So don't do that, in any language.

I've seen no restrictions on specific binary formats. Stack files, spreadsheets, interactive books -- all variants of the same thing.

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