Can you contact him on LinkedIn to verify he sent that email? If it isn't fraudulent he may be looking for a free copy by requesting a refund and then using the app anyway. But it sounds like a fake email to me.
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On January 26, 2021 11:18:25 AM matthias rebbe via use-livecode <> wrote:

Hi all,

today i had a really unfriendly email from a customer
and i would like to show what independent developers sometimes have to deal with.

First some information...
i am selling a Win/Mac/Linux tool through Fastspring for years.
The software is protected using Zygodact from Jacqueline Landman Gay.
Btw. a really great tool.

The purchase process is quite easy. After successful purchase/payment Fastspring contacts post some data to a Livecode Server Script. If the Fastpring call contains all needed information the Livecode Server scripts call the Zygodact stack to generate the registration data for that order and then returns that information. T he customer then get's an automated email from Fastspring which contains the details to unlock the software from demo mode to full mode. This works for years now and worked before Fastspring for years with KAGI.

Today this email arrived:

I plugged in the registration code and received a message that it was not valid for the current version that I had downloaded and that I had to send more money.

Either send me a valid code or refund my money.

Unless I hear from you today I will contact my bank and my credit card company and report this as a fraudulent charge.

Let me know what are your intentions.

The funny part is, my software does not return such a message. If the code is not accepted because email address and key code do not match, it just returns the message "Name or Key incorrect."

So what should i conclude from this? Did the customer try to unlock a wrong program? Or did he just interpret the message "Name or Key incorrect" as "You have to send more money"?

But what annoys me the most is the way he wrote the support request.

As the friendly person i am, i tried his unlock data here w/o problem. I replied to him that the unlock data is definitely working and if that is not the case at his side, then i would assume that he either tried to use the unlock details with an other program not mine or that he did not exactly enter the unlock details.
I even offered a free one2one remote session to do the unlock process for him.

Until now i did not receive any answers.

Btw. according to his LinkeIn profile he is a Digital Journalist and Web Designer and is working for a US University....




Matthias Rebbe
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