> Putting down the FBI won’t help anything and makes me think you
> might be partial to the dark forces and fake news. We get enough
> of the hate through other sources and it is unwelcome here.

Ah Stephen, it's good to see that you've moved on from your previous practice of gender-bashing! That's rather nice for a change.

Unfortunately, your current direction doesn't look any healthier. First, your conflating two very unrelated matters - that's (once again) illogical. And logic is healthier and more effective.

Second, you are taking a general position AGAINST a law enforcement organization doing what it's supposed to do, i.e. uphold the law. You seem to be FOR politicization of law enforcement and government corruption. That leads to neglect of actual crimes, including scams. There is widespread agreement here that scams are common; the fact that crime is commonplace fits well with what I've suggested. My position is that law enforcement should NOT be political and SHOULD focus on the law. That is both the logical and the moral position to take.

Third, you reveal your own unhealthy obsession with "dark forces and fake news" - you feel persecuted and pelted by hate from other sources (which you don't simply turn off/avoid?) and along with illogically projecting your own hate or the hate you perceive from said other sources, you also have a tendency toward the "royal we" where your own emotions/conflations are assigned to the list in general.

Interesting, Stephen! Do go on.
You reveal quite a lot about yourself each time you post.
I think popcorn is appropriate. Consider me a fan of your show....

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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