> forgive me that last post was supposed to be for Curry only

Stephen, I want to thank you for providing verification of the kind of hate speech/harrassment you were sending offline.

And for the record, I didn't attack you - I mentioned the FBI's lack of action when commenting on the proliferation of scams. Didn't start that thread, nor that topic. Didn't promote politics; stated my position AGAINST politicizing institutions, so that real crime can be addressed.

Nor did I mention Trump or a political position.

You ILLOGICALLY jumped to the conclusion that I was talking about this year's political situation (ignoring the details, including the dates that clearly preceded the situation you have in mind) and decided to mentally place me into a category of people that you hate.

Then you proceeded to attack ME (based on irrational reasoning) and send me hateful messages. Along with creepy demands to know which "team" I'm on.

You proactively mentioned Trump and your own brand of politics.
I didn't mention any political position to you.

I couldn't care less about your political opinions or proclivities.
I'm not bothered if you have "zero respect" or hate me based on your prejudices and illogical thinking.

I do find it disturbing when I see hatred, but it doesn't bother me personally when it's directed at me. I'll sleep just fine!

Rest assured that I'm definitely not on your "team."
You can keep all that offlist - and remember, I'm not your offlist.
Start a hate blog, or talk to your buddies about it.

But I do care about logic. Look at the years: you messed up.
All that ranting and raving, interrupting a thread with attacks, all based a false premise: assuming that I was talking about this year's events. Congratulations!

Now, can we get back to LC or not?

I've stated that I am AGAINST politicizing organizations including this list. Nor do I want your offlist rants. LC only please!

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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