I just discovered much to my dismay that you can not execute the following:

put "ascending" into tDirection
soft lines of tContainer tDirection international

apparently neither the sort direction (ascending|descending) nor the sort type (international|text|datetime|numeric|binary) can be variable!

That means if you want to parameterize a sort direction, you have to do something like:

if tDirection is "ascending" then
  sort lines of tContainer ascending international
  sort lines of tCOntainer descending international
end if

I see this a a bug or perhaps a failure to fully robust impliment the sort container command? Does any one else see this as a bug?

I suppose I could work around it with a "do" but that seems like a cludge

do ("sort line of tContainer" && tDirection && tSortType)

Thoughts? Comments? Opinions? Am I expecting too much of LiveCode to have sort direction and type actual parameters?

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