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tsNET returns the 'standard' curl error codes. I have bookmarked the 
followingurl to  get help, if i got stuck with tsNET and its error code.

Thanks, that will be convenient. TSNet also gave a brief description which 
clued me to the error.

I gave Scott the wrong lesson URL. Scott, the first one was what I used to test (and the one that gave the error) but after I got that working I used this lesson:

I had to add "put true into tSettings["use_SSL"]" to the login array in the example and change "put URL("file:"...)" to use "binfile" because I was uploading a stack. Other than that, no changes to the example.

I'm curious though. I didn't change the server scheme, it still uses "ftp://"; but Fetch is now set to use SSL, it shows a padlock in its listing, and I set "use_SSL" to true in the script. Can I assume it really is a secure connection or do I need to change "ftp" to "FTPs" or something else? Fetch did accept the upload without error.

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