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> And with Windows 10, Microsoft is now embracing Linux in its Windows 
> Subsystem for Linux, so Win folk can enjoy industry standard tooling on all 
> OSes:

Just be aware that WSL is not activated by default, and you can’t assume which 
distro is installed (even though Ubuntu is probably 90% of the installs). There 
are shell commands you can use to probe if WSL is installed, which distros are 
installed, and also execute something on a specific installed distro.

All that is possible but it is not exactly trivial. Windows is quite flexible 
in a way that most systems are not. You might be running on Intel or ARM, you 
might be running 32bits or 64bits, you might be using cmd, powershell 5 or 7, 
bash, who knows what shell is running. Your distros under WSL might be WSL1 
(which is syscall translations) or WSL2 (which is hypervisor emulator). You 
kinda need to take those things into account if you’re running shell() commands 
or trying to bundle binaries.

If you have control of the Windows machine, then you can set it up to run as 
you want, but if you’re shipping software for end-users, you can’t assume WSL 
Ubuntu is there so you can run rsync.

I know you didn’t say that but often I see scripts in other communities that 
assume a ton of stuff (even on macOS where many scripts assume homebrew is 
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