Has anyone had problems with file deletion by LC under Windows 10?

According to the docs the following commands should delete a file:

        delete file pathname

        open file pathname for write

Also the shell() command sequence:

        put UnixToWinPath(pFile) into pWinFile
        put "del " & quote & pWinFile & quote into tCmd
        set the hideConsoleWindows to true
        put shell(tCmd) into tRes

With various versions of LC including the latest 9.6.2 RC3 I get the following 

1. The file is deleted correctly.

2. The file appears to be deleted but any new version written to the same 
folder is actually the old version.

3. The deletion fails with a failure comment returned in the Result.

4. The deletion seems to work but the next attempt to save a file of the same 
name fails, reported by the Result.

I'm getting this problem when tested on a brand new up-to-date virtual Windows 
10 Home 64-bit and a similar PC laptop. It's not a problem on the Mac.

Any ideas please?


Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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