Roger Guay wrote:

In the good ol days, I could build a standalone for the Mac,
Windows and Linux and distribute it willy-nilly.

On desktop you still can, sort of, if you don't mind instructing your users how to get around the security blocks that both Windows and Mac OS have adopted. If your users are just family and friends, this is viable. Someone more familiar with Linux can say whether this method works there.

Here is a skeletal outline off the top of my head (so I may have missed something,) but it should give you the idea. A "runner" app is easy to make, basically a stack with one card and a single button. The button script:

on mouseup
  answer file "Choose a stack to open:"
  if it is empty then exit to top
  go stack it
end mouseup

Add an openStack handler on the card so that resources can be shared:

on openStack
  start using this stack
end openStack

That's the whole stack. Now set up standalone settings for the desired build platform. Include all extensions, libraries, widgets, etc. that your stacks need, or you think they might need in the future. Your app will be limited to the inclusions your license permits.

Build the app. Send it to friends along with your stacks.

Now the part where you do some explaining. Since the app isn't notarized by Apple or authorized by Microsoft, explain to them how to bypass the blockage and get the app to open. They only need to do this once on first launch. There are lots of hits if you search for "how to open unnotarized app on big sur" or "open unauthorized app on windows."

Here's one for Mac OS: <>

And one for Windows: <>

This won't work for mobile apps, though with some adjustments you can build a runner app for Android if you're willing to distribute from the internet.

Also note: The stacks you distribute cannot violate the LC license agreement. They can't reproduce IDE features or allow users to do things that only a licensed user can do. Please don't violate the license agreement; we all want LC to prosper.

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