Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has insight into the usage of "androidStartAudioPlayingInBackground()", or can confirm that it works?

I setup a test stack that attempts to play a public domain MP3 using the following script but nothing plays. I receive nothing from the function, and I'm getting the following in logcat: LiveCode: JNI exception thrown when calling native method

on mouseUp
   local tFile
   put specialFolderPath("engine") & "/" & "spring_song.mp3" into tFile
   if there is not a file tFile then
      answer "File not found:" && tFile
   end if
   put androidStartAudioPlayingInBackground(tFile) into card field "result"
   -- logcat: LiveCode: JNI exception thrown when calling native method
end mouseUp

I've tested this build using Community 9.6.2 (rc3) and 9.0.5, on an Android 9.0 Virtual Device and a Android 9.0 phone. Same result across the board, nothing plays.

I did test and confirm the ability to play the audio file with "mobilePlaySoundOnChannel", but I need background playback for my project to work. Also, I searched the LiveCode Quality Control site for existing bugs (no results) and searched the forum a bit.

Does anyone have any ideas? Here is my test stack if you're willing to give it a shot on your end: https://www.speedbump.io/shared/backgroundPlayTest.minimal.zip

Thank you in advance,

Derek Bump

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