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> Desktop and documents folders are okay, and it may be possible to read from 
> the resources folder, but do you actually write to it? I don't know any OS 
> that allows altering an executable, which includes Mac bundles.

I set up an application with the following code in the  stack script:

on preOpenStack
   put specialFolderPath("resources")& "/testfolder/" into tURL
   create folder tURL
end preOpenStack

In the script of a button I put the following:

on mouseUp

ask "Write something to go into the resource folder:"

put it into tText

put "file:" & specialFolderPath("resources") & "/testfolder/test.txt" into tURL

put url tURL into tData

put tText & return after tData

put textEncode(tData,"UTF-8") into url tURLanswer url tURL

end mouseUp

I then build a standalone for Mac and started the application. After running 
the script from the button three times I did find the file test.txt in the 
folder named «testfolder» inside the _MacOS folder in the contents folder of 
the app bundle. The file contained the exact three lines I had written. Whether 
or not this will work on windows I don’t know as I do not have any computer 
running Windows to try it on.

Best regards
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