Trevor DeVore wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 12:31 PM Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Add-ons to the product experience can be a useful temporary
>> workaround for long-time users, but if we step back and look
>> at the gestalt of the user experience they're not a true solution.
> Do you think that LiveCode should have built in support for all of
> the various installers such as DropDMG, InnoSetup, WIX, etc.?

"All" is the biggest possible number, potentially infinite. So logically, of course the only answer is "no".

DMGs are native to the OS, as is the AppleScript used to automate making them look attractive.

LC has a reasonably nice Windows installer framework, which we all use every time we install LC.

I don't think anyone here is expecting LC or any other tool vendor to provide all possible solutions to a given problem.

One suitable solution in the box is all that's needed, with the option for folks to turn it off if they prefer using any other of the infinite variety of all possible solutions.

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