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On the other hand, I think that the SB should create standalones that can 
actually be deployed, this means that it should be able to handle notarisation 
on the mac out-of-the-box.

Oh boy, THIS!

+1. But for now I use Matthias' mrSignNotarize helper tool which makes the process much easier. Fill out some info, click a button, and your notarization request is sent to Apple, returned, and stapled to your app.

It's an extra step which I think LC should incorporate, but for now it saves quite a bit of work. You can find it at this LC lesson, which includes all the manual steps if you want to do it that way, but at the bottom describes his automated tool as well. You can download the stack from the link at the top of the lesson.


I've used it on more than one Mac app and it works. The hardest part is dealing with Apple and of course there's no help for that.

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