I'll try benchmarking this against Jacque's suggestion of matchChunk. Filter is normally pretty fast, but I'll have to use the regex version, and I'm not sure what the speed implications will be.

Benchmark result averages over 10 runs on a 2700-line script:

filter lines of script 2612.6ms
filter script          2572.1ms
matchChunk             2424.3ms

the code:

put "^local.*"&tLocal&".*" into tRegexString

put matchChunk(tScript, tRegexString, tStartPos, tEndPos) into tFound?
if tFound? then
   put the number of lines in char 1 to tStartPos of tScript into tLine
end if

filter tScript with regex tRegexString into tFoundScript
# alternate: no appreciable difference in timing
# filter tScript with "local*"&tLocal&"*" into tFoundScript
if tFoundScript is not empty then
   put lineoffset(tFoundScript, tScript) into tLine
end if

So matchChunk plus "the number of lines" is faster by ~150 milliseconds over 2700 lines of text than filter plus lineOffset.

 Mark Wieder

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