Is anyone out there in Livecode land running a developer beta of macOS Ventura (13.x.x)?

If so, I am hoping you can perform a quick test:

systemVersion() returns 10.16 for macOS Big Sur or Monterey under Livecode 9.6.7 and earlier (in the 9.6.x versions). The systemVersion() bug was just fixed in LC 9.6.8.

I'd like to ask if someone on Ventura (13.x.x) can run LC 9.6.7 or any 9.6.x less than 9.6.8) and confirm that systemVersion() also reports 10.16 for macOS Ventura - i.e. that the systemVersion() bug behaves the same way under Ventura for recent versions of LC less than LC 9.6.8.

Thank you to anyone that can do this test in advance,

Paul Dupuis

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