I have a set of fields, call them A, B, C, and D. Each has the same number of lines. Each field has different text (per line)

I need to combine the data - frequently - into a form that look like:

<i><tab><line i of fld A><tab><line i of fld B><tab><line i of fld C><tab><line i of fld D><cr>

For the number of lines in the set of fields. Currently I do this as follows:

put empty into vCombined
put fld A into v1
put fld B into v2
put fld C into v3
put fld D into v4
repeat with i=1 to the number of lines in v1
  put i &tab& line i of v1 &tab& line i of v2 &tab& line i of v3 &tab& line i of v4 into line i of vCombined
end repeat

I put the field contents into variable before the loop to combine them as my understanding is variable access is faster than field access in a loop

My question to the Hivemind is: Is there a noticeably faster way to covert these field to the tab delimited structure as show above than the code above?

This current takes about 20 seconds for 2000 lines or about a second per 100 lines (very roughly, I was not using a timer in my code, just my wristwatch seconds in the IDE debugger between breakpoints)

Thank you for any pointers in advance,

Paul Dupuis

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