On 8/19/2022 7:40 PM, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
On 8/19/22 16:31, Alex Tweedly via use-livecode wrote:

to trim about another 15% off the time (for my sample data, 24ms down to 20ms.)

Note, of course, that we're all going on the assumption that all four fields contain the same number of lines.

Thank you all for the example of improving performance over my clunky code.

Yes, all the fields contain the same number of lines.

For strange legacy application reasons, when lines get added to the set of fields (a frequency action by users - sometimes adding hundreds of lines a day), the data has to be repackaged into this tab delimited structure in a single variable to run some procedures on.

So a user driven action of:

1) Add a line (or a few) to the fields
2) repackage data and run a few procedures
3) User repeats starting at step 1

Can become very slow as the number of lines in the fields gets large - as you all have noted!

Thank you all again!

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