On 17/09/2022 08:54, Jacques Clavel via use-livecode wrote:
point 6. maybe potential for future performance gains :
- But today LCB is surprisingly less efficient (/3) than LCS (???)

Yes, at first glance it is surprising; typed variables etc. *should* make it possible to be more efficient. And I think some day they will.

But for now, I think that isn't, and shouldn't be, a priority for LC Ltd.

The intended uses for LCB are to interface to other libraries/languages, and to provide graphic / UI widgets - and performance is not critical to either of those roles. If I have a LC app which is suffering performance, I should first look at the algorithm, the data structures, engine features I might be able to use, ...., separate process, ...

And if none of them fix it for me, then I'm probably going to want a high-performance library in some other language (C, C++, even NumPY, whatever) which allows it to be highly optimized.

My new slogan :

If I'm suffering for performance, I don't want a 10% improvement from LCB, I want a 10x improvement from C.


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