Have a look at the CompileIt! manual again. That was 1990. There was no
special intermediate language to get toolbox rom or native library calls.
LC's choice to engineer LCB the way it did was a choice. It obviously makes
it less approachable to the customer. Maybe it makes it easier for the
team. Unfortunately, what REALLY makes it less approachable to us, as
customers, is all of the work that has to go in to learning it due to the
thin documentation, and how long it takes to debug it because the tools are
not groovy. (Oh, look, a syntax error! What exactly is the error?)
If you have used tmControls (https://github.com/macMikey/tmControl), you
will see that it's more than possible to build beautiful controls with LCS.
In some cases, native interface objects are great, but in a lot of cases,
they are completely overrated (I'm looking at you,flat  iOS button).
In the meantime, for all of you that are interested, please stop over at
the LCB Missing Manual repo on github (
https://github.com/macMikey/LCB-missing-manual). The wiki is an attempt to
build a real LCB manual. The issues are for all of the things that get you
stuck, so please post. That will help the wiki get better.
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