Hi Mark,
Unfortunately most of win-pc have not Quick Time. Any other solution?
All the best

Il giorno 23/apr/2012, alle ore 17:59, Mark Schonewille 
<m.schonewi...@economy-x-talk.com> ha scritto:

> Hi Paolo,
> I don't know what is "best", but the rtsp protocol with a video format that 
> QuickTime understands works fine on Mac and Windows, provided that QuickTime 
> is installed.
> I would expect this to work on iOS as well but I haven't tried that with LC 
> yet.
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> Op 23-apr-2012, om 17:37 heeft paolo mazza het volgende geschreven:
>> What's the best solution in LiveCode to show  Streaming Videos ?
>> Consider an application  (for Mac, Windows and Mobile) with a
>> player/window to show videos coming from a Streaming Server.
>> The iOS video player is reliable?
>> How can I show videos in a Windows and MAC applications ?

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