Jim MacConnell wrote:

> Richmond wrote:
>> Copying text from the script editor is problematic on more than one
>> platform.
>> Over here "in the wilds of Linux" it is not possible to copy-paste
>> directly from the script editor into anything but a simple text
>> editor.
>> For instance; if I want to paste code from the script editor into
>> Thunderbird (my e-mail client) I have to paste it into a text editor
>> and then copy-paste from there into Thunderbird (a double bounce, so
>> to say).
>> The same sort of thing into a Libre Office document, and so on.
> I have a similar issue with Windows 7 Pro (LC 8.1 Community)...
> I also can't copy and paste directly into applications other than a
> simple text editor (NotePad). I can then copy and paste from NotePad
> to wherever I want to go (PowerPoint, Word, etc.) with no issues.
> My problem also occurs trying to copy text from fields.
> Saving the text to file and opening works fine so sure seems to be an
> LC 8 clipboard issue.

Interestingly, those descriptions sound exactly like this bug I'd reported against the Linux engine some time ago:

That was one fixed several versions ago, and I just confirmed that indeed it still works well in v8.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.

@Jim, Richmond: When either of you files the bug report for this, you may want to mention #14416 as the fix may be related to the they'd done earlier.

I'd consider re-opening the old report, but since their fix is still working well for me that specific issue has not regressed per se. But probably worth mentioning just in case the issue you're seeing is indeed related under the hood.

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