On 9/16/16 11:06 AM, Jim MacConnell wrote:
I have a similar issue with Windows 7 Pro (LC 8.1 Community)...
I also can't copy and paste directly into applications other than a simple
text editor (NotePad). I can then copy and paste from NotePad to wherever I
want to go (PowerPoint, Word, etc.) with no issues.

My problem also occurs trying to copy text from fields.

Saving the text to file and opening works fine so sure seems to be an LC 8
clipboard issue.

My hunch is that it's a line-ending translation issue. LC auto-corrects line endings when importing/exporting text to files but I don't think it does the same for the clipboard. I'm not sure how it could; it has no idea where you intend to paste. If you paste into another LC field, you don't want any translation.

It sounds like you'd need a custom clipboard function that could live in a front or backscript. It would get the clipboardData["text"] and replace LF with CRLF, or CR, or whatever your receiving app expects. The double-pass you and Richmond need to do probably works because the plain text editor does the line ending replacements.

There may also be an issue with UTF16 vs UTF8. LC uses UTF16, some apps expect UTF8, but many will accomodate either.

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