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But in the end I found the programming experience in LCB just too

I've been spoiled :-)  I'm used to symbolic, interactive debuggers -
been using them pretty much continually for the last 45 years that I've
been programming, starting with DDT and a proprietary one in the 70s, on
to GDB in the 80s and 90s, then interpreted languages for a little
while, before finally moving up to Revolution / Livecode.
And after trying it for a while, I'm just not willing to go back to the
dark ages and program in LCB without a decent toolset that provides
really effective diagnostics and debugging features.

Hey Alex,

I agree with you! It would be great to have a good debugger for LCB. Unfortunately, due to the way that LCB works, it would need to be an out-of-process debugger, and this is a lot of work that I've not yet had the time to poke at.

My current idea (that I've not yet had time to poke at) is to write a GDB extension in Guile Scheme that can print LCB stack frames interleaved with C/C++ stack frames.

There's some documentation here:


And there's an example for V8 here:

https://wingolog.org/pub/d8-gdb.scm (warning: moderately terrifying)


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