> 19. sep. 2016 kl. 20.42 skrev William Prothero <proth...@earthednet.org>:
> Tor:
> Since you mention an LMS, I’m wondering if you have successfully implemented 
> an interface to an LMS using LTI or SCORM protocols. Or, more concisely, how 
> do you handle the interface to your LMS?
> Best,
> Bill

I do not handle it very well I am afraid. At our school we use "it’s learning”, 
a Norwegian web based LMS, that is universally hated by anyone who appreciates 
good application design and good user experiences. 

This LMS is so bloated that I do not try to communicate with it at all, other 
than passing a link to the appropriate task, which my students can then use to 
upload their work. When they have completed the task, the application will both 
open the appropriate folder on the students machine, and the page for handing 
in the task in the LMS. They can then drag and drop the task to hand it in. So 
this is very basic and rudimentary, but it works in its own limited way. 


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