William Prothero wrote:

> I'm getting used to the object inspector in lc8, but notice that
> setting the font of a field or button is different. In v7 and
> earlier, the drop down menu showed a long list of fonts, but the new
> inspector show a short list of font types (system), etc. I can type
> in the name of a font and it does apply that font. But, what is the
> intended way to set the font of an object?

I'm assuming that's on Windows or Linux, yes? Mac always shows the full list, but the other OSes truncate the list to be scrollable.

The number of lines visible in an option control is defined by the menuLines property, and apparently in recent builds the PI's have reverted to the engine default (a surprisingly low number, maybe 5?).

Font lists tend to be long so I found scrolling in such a cramped space somewhat annoying (a sentiment I suspect the core team would share if they spent as much time with the IDE on non-Mac systems), so I provided a fix along with the enhancement request for a longer scrolling list:

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