On Sep 19, 2016, at 10:16 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassa...@fourthworld.com> wrote:

> Mac always shows the full list, but the other OSes truncate the list to be 
> scrollable.

Not in this case. The PI font selector appears to be a Combo-box Menu and it 
only shows 5 lines on a Mac too.

On Mac:
An Option Menu, Pulldown Menu and Popup Menu all show a list as long as the 
screen real estate allows, but a Combo-box Menu only displays the number of 
lines set in the PI menuLines property.

On further investigation, type this line of code into the message box and it 
allows you to set your desired number of lines to display (25 in this example):

   set the menuLines of btn 1 of group 1 of cd 1 of stack 
"com.livecode.pi.font" to “25”

Just bear in mind that next time you launch LC it will revert back to 5 lines.


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