On 21/09/2016 02:31, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:
I've used Andale Mono by preference, but I don't have the bold, and so
on versions of LC after 5.x, bolding for comments and keywords doesn't
show up in the script editor. (Bah.)

I liked it because it was:
 1) clean-looking with a good x-height
 2) has easily distinguishable lowercase l, capital I, and number 1, and
zero and O

I thought about just buying the bold, but I've been experimenting with
other fonts. I tried Verdana for a while-it's not monospaced, but fairly
wide and very clean-looking-but it turns out that I prefer monospaced
fonts better for reading code. Maybe just because I'm so used to them
that non-monospaced fonts look weird in that context. Source Code Pro is

I currently use Source Code Pro. I find Courier nearly unreadable, unfortunately. In the past (by which I mean pre-2009) I used to mostly use the "MiscFixed" X11 bitmap font.


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