Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:

> I've used Andale Mono by preference, but I don't have the bold, and
> so on versions of LC after 5.x, bolding for comments and keywords
> doesn't show up in the script editor. (Bah.)
> I liked it because it was:
>   1) clean-looking with a good x-height
>   2) has easily distinguishable lowercase l, capital I, and number 1,
> and zero and O

I was a big fan of Andale Mono for many years, deeply in love were it not for one failing critical in programming: the descending tail of the comma is too short, requiring a closer look than should be necessary to distinguish it from a period.

When I began moving most of my platform-independent work to Ubuntu I tried out Ubuntu Mono.

At first this was because I'm something of an Ubuntu fanboi, but ultimately I've come to appreciate its craftsmanship, aimed squarely at coders while retaining the eye for good clean style that distinguishes so much of the work from the Ubuntu design team.

Being the default Terminal and text editor choice on one of the leading OSes for devops, Ubuntu Mono has proven itself with its spacious clean kerning, and the comma is _very_ distinct from the period. :)

And I just checked: Ubuntu Mono renders well with bold in LiveCode.

It's free and open, downloadable here:

I also find the standard Ubuntu font quite pleasing as well, an mildly adventurous sans serif that maintains good readability on screen. I tend to use it in my conference presentations, no matter which OS I happen to be talking about at the time.

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