I, personally, playing on my G5 running PPC 10.5, cannot for the life of me see any obvious advantages of Supercard over Livecode. It strikes me that this is probably largely used by people
who have dug themselves into a Macintosh-only corner.


On 22.09.2016 20:43, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
On the other side of the fence . . . SupercCard just emailed me about their
public beta for 4.8.

Since it's mac only (again), I have no interest, and it apparently still
doesn't have things I need from LC 5 (and I presume at least 4).  (For that
matter, the only things that I *really* need that weren't in SuperCard 1.5,
which ran the older version of my program in the 80s . . .)

But I wonder what they'd do if I presented my 1.5 disks for an upgrade :)

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