Filemaker has a point and click programming interface. It just gets in the way. 
I spent more time perusing the dialog and sub-dialog boxes to try and figure 
out how to add 1 to a variable that contains 1, that I found myself saying, 
"Can't I just type a formula??"

I gave up on Filemaker.

Bob S

On Oct 5, 2016, at 10:22 , Richard Gaskin 
<<>> wrote:

Like Bill Appleton told me shortly after he left his point-and-click authoring 
tool CourseBuilder behind to make SuperCard, there's a limit on the complexity 
of systems that can be expressed clearly in any point-and-click UI, and 
ultimately code becomes the more readable option for any but the most trivial 
of programs.

After all, how many point-and-click tools used their point-and-click tool to 
build their IDE? :)

Today most of the point-and-click are gone, even the industry-leading 
Authorware, while scripting language have taken over much of the world to 
dominate applications development.

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World Systems
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