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> I, personally, playing on my G5 running PPC 10.5, cannot for the life of
> me see any obvious
> advantages of Supercard over Livecode. It strikes me that this is probably
> largely used by people
> who have dug themselves into a Macintosh-only corner.

I started using it in '89 or '90 for the simple reason that it could have
two windows open.   Once HyperCard 2.0 rolled around, that was no longer
necessary, but converting back would have involved copy and pasting scripts
manually for every control, or some such hassle

Had I known that it would come out with a DOS version a year later, I
wouldn't have abandoned my program, and would probably be the dominant
vendor in my industry (and the program that filled that *still* doesn't do
things I did 25+ years ago . . .)

Develop on mac for everywhere is critical to me.  If it had a clear and
supported path to compile on android, I'd be shifting some of what I do to
Swift from livecode--but until then, no.

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