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> ...as in...
> global gRevDevelopment; put true into gRevDevelopment

Unfortunately, it's not getting me there.

I have a log stack, and the simple function

on cck stuff
  put stuff & cr  & the milliseconds & cr & cr after fld "log" of cd
"wtchcrd" of stack "ckwatch"
end cck

end error handler

*on* errorDialog pExecutionError, pParseError

   cck  ("whoops! " & the date & the time & cr & the milliseconds & cr & cr

         & "lib: error occurred on line: " & item 2 of line 1 of
pExecutionError & cr & cr  \

               & "pParseError:" & cr & pParseError & cr & cr  \

         & "pExecutionError:" & cr & pExecutionError & cr & cr & "context:"
& cr & the executionContexts & cr)

   *answer* "lib: error occurred on line: " & item 2 of line 1 of
pExecutionError & cr & cr \

         & pParseError & cr & cr & pExecutionError with "Continue" and
"Stop" and "Pause"

   *close* stack "splash"

   *switch* it

      *case* "stop"

         *exit* to top


      *case* "stop"



   *end* *switch*

   ck the executionContexts


*end* errorDialog

It looks to me like it's a problem with opening the message box in

This seems to be happening in preOpenStack of the control stack, after it
loads the library stack (which is where my handler is).

I do open a message box and put it where I want it in that preOpenStack:

        *--         put the messagebox somewhere useful*

         *show* message box

         *set* the height of stack "message Box" to 144

         *set* the width of stack "message box" to 576

         *set* the itemDel to comma

         *set* the bottomLeft of stack "message box" to 36, 2* item 2 of the
screenLoc - 36

also, in reading the file revmessagebox.rev, I see lots of references like:

button id 1037 of group id 1016 of card id 1002 of stack
"/Applications/LiveCode Community 6.7 (dp

What in the world is this doing in Indy 7.1.4???

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