On 2016-10-11 11:01, Mark Waddingham wrote:
  2) If the defaultStack is changed in a handler called from another
handler, should the change propagate back up to the caller?

I think (2) is definitely not wanted. If the locality of a change to
the defaultStack propagates back to callers, then the callers loose
control and knowledge of what they are actually acting on.

Note that this is *not* the current behavior. Changing the defaultStack in a callee will propagate the change back up to the caller.


on mouseUp
  set the defaultStack to "Foo"
  answer the defaultStack -- will be "Bar"
end mouseUp

on changeDefaultStackInCallee
  set the defaultStack to "Bar"
end changeDefaultStackInCallee

Here you'll get 'Bar' in the answer dialog.

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